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Khayelitsha Township outside Cape Town

This was 2010 and slowly the shacks were starting to be replaced by small brick housing. We walked among these shanties with two teenage lads who treated us graciously. We also visited programs for education and social improvement.

What people do not realise the native african townships were built by them after the change at the release of Nelson Mandela form prison. We had visited an african village in Zimbabwe , what we saw was interesting. It was crowded living ( quite normal ) , water was carried 5 kms by the village women.

What the men who had travelled for work in South Africa did was to bring their families down with the promise of a house and a better life. The tap for water was meters away they had electricity and work. So these townships grew.

I will be posting more of these and and hope I can demonstrate change and hope , though there is still a long way for this country to go before all people are on a reasonably equal basis.